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More on land banking

Land banking is an essential part of a successful real estate investment portfolio. This is the process of buying land with a long-term view of future redevelopment. Ottawa Land Bank purchases land in the pathway of development and on the cusp of city development boundaries. These land purchases provide you with three primary exit strategies for realizing a return on your investment:

        1. Sell appreciated land to a developer when inside the                      urban boundary

        2. Develop our own off the grid communities

        3. Sell to a third party for non-building related usages

Our target buy-in on these lands is realized at the most

cost-effective price with consideration to location and future City development expansion. Lands further from the urban boundary are increasingly less expensive to purchase however, these lands will take longer to be accepted inside the urban boundary expansion areas. We will target the most desirable market price per buildable acre once the urban boundaries have been moved.


To learn more about examples of land opportunities we are pursuing and historical returns, schedule a confidential call.

Our Consortium

There is never a guarantee in any investment but having access to the best people in the business is a good start. The advisors involved with your investment project will depend on the type of property, the number of investors, and the development strategy. Advisors include but are not limited to the following individuals or companies:


  • John Liptak, President & CEO, OakWood – John will provide overall management and continuity on all investment projects 

  • Mike Holmes, Canada’s most respected celebrity contractor will be involved with any off-the-grid community development

  • Real Estate advisors including Marnie Bennet, Broker, CEO, Bennett Property Shop Realty, Greg Blok, Broker, Bennett Property Shop Realty

  • Architects including Andrew Reeves, Principal Partner, Linebox

  • Engineers including IDEA Integrated Design, Engineering, and Architecture Ryan Crowle

  • Construction/development including David Hudock, PCL, Patricia Liptak, VP Operations, OakWood

  • Investment strategy including Graeme Barlow, CMO Iversoft Inc.

  • Legal counsel including Julius Dawn, Grant & Dawn



We will provide a complete investment prospectus including the CVs and credentials of all advisors to qualified investors.

More on the Ottawa market

Anchored by a rebounding hi-tech sector, a growing public sector and a new Light Rail Transit (LRT) system that will open in 2019, Ottawa is hot and primed for growth. Real Estate agents across the region are expecting higher prices and seeing bidding wars that haven’t been seen in many years.


Colliers Canada has recently reported that “transaction volume in Ottawa has increased substantially year-to-date led by the multi-family market which has seen several large transactions between regional and local owners at increasingly low capitalization rates.”

Ottawa is now attracting developers and investors from outside the region who want to rebalance their portfolios. PwC has noted that the “relative affordability of the Ottawa market is luring people to the city from other areas particularly high-priced Toronto, as millennials and young families search for a better, less expensive lifestyle. Technology companies are expanding or moving into the market as well, eager to capitalize on the influx of talent.”

PwC also comments on the LRT investments shaping the Ottawa market, with Phase 2 planned to be finished by 2023. “The new transit network is already sparking more intense development at key locations along the line.”


This summary barely scratches the surface of key drivers that put Ottawa in a positive investment light. Schedule a confidential call to learn more.


Our Strategy

Investment strategies are tailored to each investor. For example, we may recommend a new company specifically for one investor who may hold 80% to 100% of a land bank. In other cases, a land bank may be held by multiple investors – giving each the opportunity to be a shareholder in a larger land bank than they would want or be able to invest in as an individual.


There are three major considerations to achieve reasonable rates of return: location, product and time. Each of these needs to be factored into an investment decision, and each product added to the portfolio needs to have a specific purpose and clear understanding of how the asset can assist in reaching long-term goals.

We use our advisors to identify, assess, and recommend land bank opportunities that take into consideration location, product and time. To illustrate, here is a sample land bank parcel that we would consider:


  • Franktown Road outside Richmond

  • 98 acres

  • Asking $5,500,000

  • Offer $3,920,000

  • Estimated future value in 10 to 20 years - $19,600,000


To learn more about your land bank investment options, schedule a confidential call.

Our Offer

The Ottawa Land Bank consortium believes capital preservation is a huge marketing feature for the right client and investor. The stock market is very volatile with recognized companies losing billions in value in one week – making the land a great if not preferred asset class. Most of the land we will purchase – as investment opportunities for you – will be neutral until it is redeveloped and liquidated through home building and sales.

Each property will be a separate corporation with a different pool of investors. This allows us to further segment the portfolio into ownership percentages between immediate, short to medium term and long-term properties. We can also segment investment products into different options including purpose-built rentals, new homes sales, commercial strip plazas, etc. We have 5 flexible options with Ottawa Land Bank providing a turnkey solution. Interested in learning more? Schedule a confidential consultation now.



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